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France tops US in women on corporate boards: study

2/22/2013: When it comes to women on the boards of Fortune Global 200 companies, a CWDI study found that both the US and France are ahead of the world average of 15% female directors.  France's 25.1% in its top 17 companies, however, surpasses the US's 20.9% in its top 57 ...

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Coca-Cola Woman Board Nominee Bucks Slowing Diversity Trend

Bloomberg 2/22/2013: In contrast to the general stagnation of gender diversity in US boards, Coca-Cola's board is becoming younger, more racially diverse, and more female.  Care USA CEO Helene Gayle, who will stand for election in April, will be if selected the third woman and third black on the board. ...

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MPs reject EU plan for quotas for women. Is that bad for business?

1/10/2013: The UK Parliament voted against the EU's quota plan, which would require companies listed on the stock exchange to have at least 40% women on their non-executive boards.  Although Conservative and Labor MP's agreed that such quotas should be enacted only by individual members states, Conservatives stressed the importance of ...

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