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Susan Ness Delivers Keynote Speech on Boardroom Diversity in Bogota

November 2015. SAIS Global Conference Chair Susan Ness delivered keynote remarks at the XIV Foro Internacional de Gobierno Corporativo in Bogotá, Colombia on November 11, 2015.  She focused on global progress in achieving boardroom diversity, noting that “in every country that has made significant progress, the national government has played ...

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New Jersey Shows Slight Improvement in Boardroom Gender Gap

November 2015. Executive Women of New Jersey's biennial "Seat at the Table" report shows a slight improvement, yet a continued gender gap among corporate executives and boards. For all New Jersey companies, over a two year period, the percentage of women on boards rose by 1% to 15%; for New ...

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Does Boardroom Diversity Increase Profits?

November 2015. There are more than 600 billion reasons for increasing the number of women on corporate boards. That figure, actually $US655 billion of investment returns, is what professional services firm Grant Thornton believes businesses with an all-male boardroom missed out on last year. The firm’s research covered listed companies ...

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