2016 Spencer Stuart Board Index

March 2017. Spencer Stuart.

Report Here: Spencer-Stuart-US-Board-Index-2016_16Dec2016

Highlights of the 2016 Report:

 ·        Women now comprise 21% of all S&P 500 directors, up from 20% in 2015, and from 15% a decade ago.

·        S&P500 Boards average 2.3 female directors, compared with 1.6 in 2006.

·        Six S&P 500 boards (1%) have no women directors; whereas in 2006, there were 52 boards (11%) that were male-only.

·        More than three-quarters of boards (76%) have two or more female directors, a significant increase from 51% a decade ago and 58% five years ago.

·        25% of boards have three women directors, compared with just 12% of boards five years ago.

·        24 S&P 500 companies (4.8%) had a woman serving as CEO as of May 15, 2016, up from 3.0% five years ago.

·        Companies led by women tend to have more female board directors than those led by men: 31% of directors on boards of companies with a female CEO are women, versus 21% for companies with a male CEO.

·        There were 345 S&P 500 vacancies filled by new directors in 2016, versus 376 new directors last year.  Women account for 32% of new directors.  While it is the highest rate of female representation so far – still, two out of every three new directors were men.

·        In a separate study, the accounting firm EY calculated that at this pace, it will take until 2040 before we achieve gender parity on S&P 500 boards.


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