Corporate gender equality: Why boards need more women to make more money

August 2017. ABC News.

“Michael Kimmel is in Australia to give corporate men a bit of a gee-up about equality. ‘It’s so close, it’s right there,’ he says. Women, on average, currently represent 25.2 per cent of all board positions. Experts say that once 30 per cent representation is achieved, gender equality on ASX boards will only be a matter of time. ‘We can touch it, it’s the golden ring, we can grab it,’ Dr Kimmel says. I spoke to the Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at Stony Brook University in New York at a breakfast briefing hosted by international accounting firm PwC. ‘Making the case that gender equality is not only right and fair, but also it is smart, is part of the evidence base argument that we want to make to companies,’ Dr Kimmel says. He is not alone in this latest push to the finish line for corporate gender equality. There is a groundswell of women seeking to smash the glass ceiling in Australia once and for all.”

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