Malaysia’s push for gender equality holds lessons for Asia

August 2o17. Nikkei Asian Review.

“Malaysia has come a long way in women’s socioeconomic advancement, but progress has remained slow in the higher economic and political echelons. The government is pressuring publicly listed companies to fulfill a 30% women quota in board membership.¬†However, other interventions are needed, to prohibit unfair discrimination and promote diversity, particularly by instituting fair employment laws and replacing an overpoweringly male-dominated Cabinet with a more gender representative one.¬†Women constitute two-thirds of the student body in Malaysia’s public universities. From 2013 to 2016, women’s labor participation exceeded 50%, after stubbornly hovering at 45%-48% since the 1980s. This is largely driven by growing numbers of college- and university-educated women, who are more likely to stay in the workforce.”

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