Put more women on your boards or we’ll make you, government warns business

August 2017. The Local.

“German Women’s Affairs Minister Katarina Barley on Wednesday slammed the country’s top firms for not having enough female executives and threatened a mandatory quota if they did not do better by next year. ‘I am giving businesses one more year to take care of this themselves,’ Barley told the media group RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland. ‘If nothing is done by then, we will take action with legislation.’ Barley, whose Social Democratic Party (SPD) is campaigning for a more socially just Germany ahead of a September general election, lamented the fact that women took up just six percent of management board seats. ‘This can’t continue,’ she said, noting that decades of urging industry to put more women in high-ranking positions had achieved very little. ‘I would have no problem with a mandatory quota for women on management boards,’ she said.”

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