Quotas should be considered if private sector can’t get act together: Chris Bowen

July 2017. Women’s Agenda.

“Gender equality will boost Australia’s economy and quotas on ASX-listed companies might be necessary to help us get there, according to the Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen. Speaking at the Women In Economics Network yesterday, Bowen said Australia is making far too little progress in dealing with gender inequality. ‘Quotas do work, but it would be better if the private sector got its act together of its own volition,’ he said. ‘If not enough progress is made in the next couple of years to get more suitably qualified women on boards, quotas should be considered by the federal government.’ Bowen shared recent Australian Institute of Directors figures to show how the progress on women joining corporate boards has slowed, with new female appointments falling to just 30% in 2017, from 44% in 2016.”


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