Singapore Wants to Double Women on Company Boards in 3 Years

April 2017. Bloomberg.

“The Singapore Government authorized Diversity Action Committee has called for doubling the % of women serving on boards in Singapore within three years, from 9.9% to 20%.  The committee, chaired by Singapore Exchange, Ltd CEO Loh Boon Chye, approved six action items.  Singapore recognizes the value that diversity brings to board deliberations and making taking concerted efforts to improve.”

“The six action items are:

* Requiring companies to disclose diversity policies: Recommendation made to Monetary Authority of Singapore; Code of Corporate Governance under review

* Getting companies to reveal how board compositions are suitable for business needs, drawing women directors from outside traditional pool of friends and contacts

* Helping firms get in-depth understanding of diversity benefits

* Encouraging investors to enthuse firms to move forward on diversity

* Encouraging studies on significance of women’s board participation

* Working with groups to promote board diversity; support efforts”

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